Glo Change Egg

Glo Change Egg


Experience the enchantment of our Colour Changing Sensory LED Eggs, captivating orbs that undergo mesmerizing color transformations right before your eyes! Witness the white Sensory LED Eggs gracefully morph through a spectrum of colors. These portable wonders can be effortlessly placed and moved anywhere you desire, providing soft illumination day or night. Revel in the gentle, ever-changing accent light without the safety concerns associated with traditional candles. Consider using them for a uniquely enjoyable Easter Egg Hunt!

Activated with a straightforward on/off slide switch on the base, these eggs offer a calming and soothing atmosphere. They can serve as a wonderful tool to capture attention and initiate discussions or communication. The possibilities are vast. Suitable for ages 3 and above.

Battery-operated, requiring 3 ‘AG13’ batteries (included).

9cm high

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