Mini Senses Toolkit

Mini Senses Toolkit


The pack includes -
✨A Warmie (random one supplied OR choose out of the ones we have in stock)
✨A Monthly positivity or Feelings journal
✨Ear Defenders
✨Grip strengthener
✨Item from squishy and stretchy
✨Item from fidgety fingers
✨Chewie (choose from either a necklace, bracelet or Y-shaped)

RRP of £47 incl postage

Please pop in the notes section if you are wanting specific Warmie/Chew

Mini Senses Toolkit Image 2 Mini Senses Toolkit Image 3 Mini Senses Toolkit Image 4
Visual Routine
£7.99 - £16.99
Now/Next Visual Boards and Cards
£9.99 - £16.99
Spikey Light Up Ball
Magic Sand timers
Bouncing Putty 2 colour
Emotion Wristband
Dinosaur Chew Necklace
Emotion Fan
£0.99 — On sale
Warmies Octopus
£16.99 — Sold out
Warmies Highland Cow
£16.99 — Sold out
4kg (8.8lb) Weighted Blanket
£17.99 — Sold out
Warmies Marshmallow Unicorn
£16.99 — Sold out
Warmies Bee
£16.99 — Sold out
Warmies Penguin
£16.99 — Sold out
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