Pop Up Astronaut

Pop Up Astronaut


Well aren't these something?! Youve seen "Sid the squirrel", you've seen "Pug in a mug", You've even seen "Mouse in cheese!"

Say hello to Pop up astronaut! These really are out of this world! Squeeze the planet and up pops an adorable spaceman!

1x supplied
CE approved

Eye Popping Pups
Squishy Stress Monsters
Jumbo Hex Ball
Neon Squishy Ball
Light Up Squido Pop Caterpillars
Mouse In Cheese!
Centipede Cyril
Squishy And Stretchy Loot Crate
Jumbo Textured Noodle
Fruitopia Squeezable Fruit Squishies
£1.99 — Sold out
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