Squido Pop


Unlimited Popping Fun! - Pop It, fold It, throw It! The Squido pop-it fidget toy is like unlimited bubble wrap that can do whatever fidgeting you need. Slap it on the table or a smooth surface,and when you pull it away, it'll make a pleasant and crisp “pop! pop! pop!” sound

Uniquely Satisying - Squido pop-it sucker fidgets toys are proven to be therapeutic, calming and regulating for all kids and adults. Help kids relax and focus.

Safety is Our Priority - These pop-it bracelet fidget toys are built with Safe & Durable Silicone to withstand a ton of popping, squeezing, throwing, bouncing, and then returning immediately to their original shape. It is soft, Eco-friendly and easy to clean.

Size: 20x5cm
CE approved
Note: rainbow / multicolour colours may vary

  • Plain Blue Sold Out
  • Plain yellow
  • Plain red Sold Out
  • Plain Orange Sold Out
  • Pink, white & blue
  • Rainbow / Multicolour Sold Out