Textured Wobble Cushion

Textured Wobble Cushion


The Textured Wobble Cushion is a seating cushion can be used at home or in schools to help promote correct posture and improve their core stability. Because of its ability to improve balance, posture and core stability, the Junior Wobble Cushion can be particularly effective for kids with ADHD

Ideal for encouraging 'active sitting' for kids.
On one side there is an anti-slip surface while on the other side there are tiny bumps that are designed to stimulate a child's sensory receptors.
The rounded shape of the Junior Wobble Cushion means that the user must actively use their supporting muscles to remain stable.
Approximate Product Dimensions: (W) 30 cm x (L) 30 cm

Latex free

Please note: These will be shipped partially inflated! They can be inflated desired amount using a basic bike or ball pump

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